The Nanny Professionals


Why should I use The Nanny Professionals?

TNP is a nanny placement agency. We take all of the work and hassle out of finding your next childcare provider. We offer a free in-home family consultation to get to know you and determine exactly what type of nanny would work best for your family. After the initial consultation, there is a $200 non-refundable deposit to start the search. Once a nanny has been selected by the agency and hired by the family, a placement fee is due.

What makes TNP different?

The difference between us, The Nanny Professionals, and other agencies is our process. We believe the best way to get to know your family is by meeting face-to-face. We apply that same philosophy to our nanny search.

Your family’s security is our top priority. That is why our agency has teamed up with one of the leading background screening companies in the nation. All of our nannies must pass an extensive screening process which includes:

  • Criminal Background Check
  • Sex Offender List Check
  • Motor Vehicle Records Check
  • Social Security & Identification Verification
  • Reference Check

It is our goal and promise to find each family a nanny who is a perfect match.

What happens if I want to renew a TNP nanny’s contract?

The Nanny Professionals work hard to find and screen outstanding nannies so that we can place them with your family. We understand that once you find someone you can trust, you want to keep them as long as possible. For this reason, we fully support families who want to renew their contract with one of our nannies. At that time the family is required to sign a new service agreement with the agency and pay the corresponding renewal fee.

How much are nannies paid?

In Middle Tennessee, Nannies are typically paid an hourly rate between $10-$20. The rate is highly dependent on several factors including the number and ages of children, experience, education, references, and the required job duties. If a family chooses, they can pay their nanny a salary based on working a specified number of hours. Nannies and families should always discuss terms of payment upfront. The Nanny Professionals recommend following all guidelines provided by the IRS.

What are the benefits of a nanny vs. other types of childcare?

Nannies are able to give your child one-on-one attention in the comfort of your home. Your child’s safety is the nanny’s number one priority. Nannies able to provide educational and social activities such as going to local parks, libraries, museums, and play dates. They spend countless hours with your child providing the consistency needed for their emotional development. For these reasons and more, we believe that nannies are the best childcare option available.